Monday – Friday

Hot Mess in the Morning”:hosted by Errol “EP da Show Host’ Porter, Miss Micky, T-Wrexx, and King Mike.

M-F 11am-1pm 

Get a strong dose of laughter and things that make you say “HMMMMM…”  Very interesting and hilarious views on anything that’s blowin in the wind, locally and around the world.

Call in at 216-694-8910

VoiceItRadio Midday Mixx: Hosted by King Mike, T Wrexx

M-F 1pm-3pm

Get a daily dose of great music from our in-house Djs spinning old and new joints daily.

“Moments in Love”: Hosted by Kym Sellers

M-F 9pm-Midnight

The legendary Kym Sellers continues right where she left off, delivering a nightly intimate vibe with her legendary and captivating voice that we all know and love.

Nightly free dose of the best R & B love songs ever made, from the collection of Kym Sellers.

Call in at 216-694-8910


Headlines and Headaches: Hosted by Larry Gardner,

Mondays 5pm-7pm

Larry Gardner one of the geniuses behind the “Cakeboy Cakegirl” movement gives you his energetic recap of what’s trending in News and Politics, locally and from around the world.

Compelling guest interviews and his weekly “Bye Felesia!” awards are a hit with listeners.

Call in at 216-694-8910

Going Global w/David Delgado: Hosted by David Delgado,

Mondays 7pm-8pm

David Delgado  hosts the internationally acclaimed internet radio show “Going Global w/David Delgado.”   David Delgado engages in stimulating weekly conversation with with experts in the fields of Politics, Civil Rights, Business and human relations.

Call in at 216-694-8910

Laura Cowan’s Empowerment Hour

Mondays 8pm-9pm

Laura Cowan uses her personal testimony of triumph and survival to empower anyone who needs it.

Weekly special guests and powerful subject matter.

Call in at 216-694-8910


Al Porter’s Hip Hop Workshop: Hosted by Alfred Porter Jr. AKA “The Sheriff”,

Tuersdays 5pm-6pm EST

“Al Porter’s Hip Hop Workshop”, the radio version, gives us a plethora of community activism, Hip Hop culture history and knowledge, fascinating guests, and great music, past and present from the local and national hip hop scene. Al Porter is also a well known community activist and a long time member of The Black Man’s Army. and is currently President of Black on Black Crime Inc.

Call in at 216-694-8910

Flowmasters: Hosted by Suave Goddi and Eric Wilson,

Tuesdays 6pm-8pm

Flowmasters is hosted by world renowned spitboxing legends Eric Wlson (Scratch Paper Prod.) and Suave Goddi (GMS Hoodfamous TV) and is the #1 Internet Radio Hip Hop show in the World, according to Mixcloud’s Worldwide top 100 trending chart. Every week the best spitboxers, and freestyle rappers in the world showcase their skills and different styles live on the show. From New York to L. A. to Paris, you can critique and enjoy rappers from around the world. 

Call in at 216-694-8910


Cleveland Talks Sports “The Bendycki Report”: Hosted by George Bendycki

Wednesdays from 4pm to 5pm

George Bendycki delivers sports  with a no holds barred attitude that is much appreciated by our Northeast Ohio sports community. He tells it like it is when it comes to analyzing the local sports scene. Weekly special guests and

local and national sports talk. Call in at 216-694-8910

Humanity 3.0 : Hosted by Dr. L. C. Woods RN, MD, MetD1, and Hameeda Rahman – Woods M.Ed, MetD2

Wednesdays 6pm-7pm

Dr. L.C Woods of “Global Entertainment” guides you to perfect harmony of the Mind, Body, and Spirit through his “Trivalent” teachings, and understanding of Noetic Science.

Call in at 216-694-8910

Silver B’s Edutainment Royalty Roundtable: Hosted by Bill “Silver B” Richards

Wednesdays 7pm- 9pm

Broadcast veteran and entertainment industry legend, Silver B, invites friends and other industry legends to the Roundtable every week to crown new Kings and Queens. Enjoy Interviews and live performances from entertainment legends and new local talent.

Call in at 216-694-8910


Masters of Education: Hosted by Yolanda Mcghee and Dr. Richard Montgomery

Thursdays 5pm-6pm

The weekly show will focus on the many facets of education in our country and will address current issues surrounding the subject with weekly dialogue with educators, including Deans, Principals, Directors, Presidents, Teachers, Superintendents, Students, Professors, Coaches, Students, Financial aid reps, and Lawmakers, just to name a few. 

Call in at 216-694-8910

Big Heff Show: Hosted by Big Heff, Shuga Booga, and Vanidee Starr

Thursdays 6pm-7pm

Get music industry insights and compelling artist interviews with Def Jam A&R Rep Quincy “Big Heff” Taylor, Ryan “The Face of the Franchise” Gilkerson (Voted Ohio’s #1 Radio Show Host) and the beautiful, sassy Vanidee Starr (Co-Host of 216 N Park). The show is already syndicated in 7 markets continues to grow.

Call in at 216-694-8910

Bubble N Blow” Hosted by Ryan “Shuga Booga” Gilkerson and Soopa Engineer Mike

Thursdays 8pm-9pm

Voted Ohio’s best radio show host Ryan Gilkerson “The Face of the Franchise” delivers a weekly packed hour of local and national recording artists like Jodeci and M C Lyte to local favorites like Ray Jr., you can find it all on the “Bubble” Get into the heads of some of the hottest artists out there as “The Face” engages in industry and real life conversation with the majors, while showcasing their upcoming projects. Call in at 216-694-8910

The Vanidee Starr Show: Hosted by Vanidee starr

Thursdays 7-8pm

Vanidee Starr covers Hip Hop, R n B and the urban entertainment scene locally and nationally. Also the co-host of local TV show, “216 N Park”.

Call in at 216-694-8910

“The Soopa Man Show”: Hosted by Myke “Soop” Reaeves 

Thursdays 9-10pm

Less talk and more music is the theme. Soop plays some of his favorites and introduces new music weekly to his audience.

Call in at 216-694-8910


Cleveland Talks Sports Roundtable

Fridays 3pm-5pm

George Bendycki, Sandy Scott, Chris Bennett, and Rachael Hill 

4 heads are better than one when it comes to Cleveland sports talk. Get the inside scoop and colorful opinions of the CTS All-stars about everything related to Cleveland sports. Call in at 216-694-8910

East End Neighborhood Wrap-Up: Hosted by Zulma Zabala (CEO of EENH), James Jones 

Fridays 5pm-6pm

Find out what’s happening weekly at “The East End Neighborhood House”. For over 100 years the EENH has been providing integrated social services, leadership development and healthy activities that nurture our community’s individuals and families, youth and seniors, to become self sufficient and ultimately thrive. The weekly show also engages in community dialogue withother social service organizations and community leaders from across the country.

Call in at 216-694-8910

Key 2 Da Streets

 Fridays at 8 P.M. – 10 P.M.

Hosted By Jasmine Davis AKA “Jaszonair”

High energy, good music and the local Hip Hop and party scene covered!


Just the 2 of Us and Friends w/Lynn Tolliver: Hosted by Lynn Tolliver, featuring Tony “The B-Man” Marshall, Kenya “Sports Diva” Brown, and Ralph Poole

Saturdays 9am-Noon

They’re baaaaaack! Get your laugh on every Saturday morning with high energy and sometimes outrageous conversation. Complete with special guest interviews and listening audience interaction. Great music and lots of laughs.

Call in at 216-694-8910. 

“Golden Wax” w/Chuck Conway Jr.: Hosted by Chuck Conway Jr.

Saturdays 2pm-3pm

A veteran broadcaster from the WJMO years since the age of 4; Slow walkin, fast talkin Chuck Conway Jr., entertains listeners every Saturday with his nostalgic radio voice, spinning R & B and Rock & Roll classics from the 50’s thru the 8o’s.

Call in at 216-694-8910

Politically Damned: hosted by Brahim “ABE” Ayad

Saturdays 3-5pm

The well known, controversial, and former owner of Biggie’s gas station in Cleveland Ohio, Brahim “Abe” Ayad, a forty-something Palestinian-American, continues an on-going protest against who he calls, ‘evil-doing Zionists’ who, among other offenses, he claims, took away his Palestinian father’s land to make way for the state of Israel. He fights fire with fire weekly.  If you agree or disagree with his views he is willing to talk.

Call in at 216-694-8910

“The Experience” : Hosted by Chris Bennett and Sandy Scott  

Saturdays Noon-2pm est

Radio veteran and big mouth Chris Bennett and former Fox 8, Channel 5, and WKYC Channel 3 news reporter Sandy Scott agree to disagree on all types of trending news topics.  

Call in at 216-694-8910

Morning Worship with Bishop Mark Perry 

Sundays at 8 A.M.